Digest Report
You may receive up to two Digest Reports with emails that the filter deems as probable junk. From the Daily Digest reports, you can click on the Release link to the left of any legitimate emails to have the message sent to your mailbox.

When you request for the message to be released, at the next screen you will have the option to permanently whitelist a sender by clicking on the "whitelist the sender" link.

If a message that should be considered spam does pass through the filter into your mailbox, please Forward the email to the following address: spam@smtpspam.com. This will help to add the address to the filtering list.
Control Panel
The link for managing your SPAM filter is https://mail.maxfocus.com, or you can click on the link that appears in the daily report. You will sign in using your school email address and the password sent to you previously.

When you sign in the control panel for the first time, it is recommended that you click on the link to "Take a tour of the new features" to get an idea of what you can do.

View Quarantined Messages
Click on the link to view messages that have been designated as junk. It may be necessary to check this every couple days in the beginning to be sure that legitimate messages have not been incorrectly filtered out. You can check an email and select to add the sender to the whitelist.