HS Chapel Video Matrix Switcher

All video input and output in the High School Chapel passes through the 4 channel Matrix Switcher. This device can send 4 different video Inputs to any 4 different Outputs. It is located under the monitor of the chapel desktop computer.

Use the power switch on the left to turn on the device, and remember to turn it OFF with the Chapel computer when done!

Besides the two Inputs from the Chapel Desktop computer, there are two additional inputs for other devices/computers. This means that NO CABLES SHOULD EVER BE UNPLUGGED from the Matrix to show something using a device other than the chapel desktop computer.

Input/Output Channels

The red LCD numbers represent the Input that is currently showing on the corresponding Output. Pressing the Up/Down buttons for each output will switch the signal that is being displayed on that Output channel.

In the example image above, Outputs A & D are showing Input #1, while Outputs B & C are both showing Input #2.

OUTPUT A = Left monitor

INPUT 1 = Chapel Desktop Primary

OUTPUT B = Right monitor

INPUT 2 = Chapel Desktop Secondary

OUTPUT C = LCD Projector

INPUT 3 = Wireless HDMI (front stage)

OUTPUT D = Unused

INPUT 4 = VGA connector (sound booth)

Typical Matrix Settings

                                                    OUTPUT CHANNEL





Normal Chapel Desktop





Wireless HDMI (front stage)





Separate computer in sound booth





Typically, we want Output B (the right monitor in the sound booth) to match the input for Output C (the LCD projector) so that the technician can see what is showing on the projector.

Note that Output D is currently unused, so it doesn't matter what Input # appears for that channel.

INPUT 3: Wireless HDMI

Input 3 is a wireless HDMI system that allows a device at the front of the chapel to transmit a video signal to the receiver in the back. So a presenter using a computer at the front of the chapel will connect the computer to the large Transmitter box using an HDMI cable, which is linked wirelessly to the Receiver box connected to Input channel 3 on the Matrix Switcher.

The presenter may need some kind of adapter to convert the video output on the computer to an HDMI cable.

INPUT 4: VGA Cable

Input 4 is a VGA cable for showing a presentation from a separate laptop computer that is in the sound booth.

Again, NO CABLES SHOULD BE UNPLUGGED from the matrix to connect another computer to the projector.