Student Google accounts are currently set to allow the viewing of only whitelisted Youtube videos. Videos that you would like your students to access can be whitelisted on a per video basis, but it can be more efficient to whitelist an entire education specific channel, which means that all videos posted by this user/channel will be available to students to view. Before whitelisting a channel, please verify that other videos posted in this channel are relevant and appropriate for school use.

Note that this feature has not been officially released yet and our school has been given early access to help with beta testing. This means that there will likely be glitches and bugs along the way. Once the feature has been finalized and officially released, it should be possible for teachers to directly whitelist channels and videos, but for now we will need to use the following procedure.

Before you proceed, open the Youtube Whitelist Sheet and check to see if the channel or video you want students to access has already been whitelisted. Rows that are highlighted in GREEN have been whitelisted, while non-highlighted rows still need to be processed.

1. Open the Youtube Whitelist FormYou will need to be logged in to your school Google account to access it. Choose whether you are whitelisting a Channel or a Single Video.

2. In Youtube, go to the video that you would like students to have access to.
  • If you are whitelisting just a Single Video, then copy and paste the video title and the video URL in the respective fields of the form, then submit the form.
  • If you are whitelisting an entire Channel, right click on the User/Channel Name as shown in the image below and continue to the next step.

3. Select "Copy link address" in the context menu that appears (if you are using Firefox it will be "Copy link location", while IE will show "Copy shortcut").

4. Back in the Youtube Whitelist Form, type out the name of the Channel and then paste the Channel URL in the respective fields, then submit the form.

5. You can verify that the information has been entered correctly in the Youtube Whitelist Sheet.