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Language Arts


Math - has games to reinforce multiplication facts

Colonial Faire Resources
The yellow links below will lead you to a wealth of information 
you can use to help you prepare for this year's faire.

The Colonial Fair Web Page is a terrific source of nearly every kind of information you would need to know in order to put together your colonial fair project. You could spend hours learning here by checking out the many links to many other wonderful web sites.

By clicking on the link The Web's Best Homework and Student, Teacher/Parent Web Resource" you'll find all kinds of ideas, great information and even more links!  

Colonial Williamsburg is a recreated colonial town. 
Their website is a fantastic source of all types of colonial information. 
Clicking here will take you to the page describing various colonial trades. 
From there you can navigate to a huge source of information.

Still having trouble deciding what you want to be for the fair?...           
Here is a list of hundreds of colonial trades from A-Z. 
(Okay, so there really is no "X" or "Z"...but there are still plenty of ideas! )